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【Online short course】1/9~1/11 Understanding Medicine and Science : Humanities and Social Scientific Perspectives

Please register by Jan 2, 2024

A Joint Online Lecture Series between Tsukuba University and National Cheng Kung University

Understanding Medicine and Science: Humanities and Social Scientific Perspectives
Scientific knowledge production, Scientific and technological communication, Scientific culture
Winter vacation training project. The course is Online and for English only. Welcome to join us and enjoy!



**成大學生報名連結(Register Link)https://docs.google.com/....../1FAIpQLScnX....../viewform
NCKU students who needs the credit, please pay attention to the following information of this course:

  • Attendance
    NCKU students are required to attend at least 9 of the ten lectures and the final discussion session. If you are not able to devote the time to the course, you are encouraged to just attend the individual lectures without enrolling. During the lecture you are welcome to ask questions about the content of the lecture. 
  • Assignments

For those of you who are enrolled, you need to write 3 summaries and one essay:

  1. One summary (maximum of 250 words) of each 3 lectures of your choice, excluding the introduction.
    All 3 summaries should be uploaded by 10PM, 1/16/2024 to Moodle. 
  2. An essay of 500-600 words reflecting on the course as a whole, by 5PM, 2/24/2024 to Moodle.
    Before you write your essay, you are encouraged to do readings provided by teachers, if available.
  • Evaluation
Attendance 10%
Participation (asking questions, sharing of thoughts, participating in discussions) 20%
3 Summaries 30%
One essay 40%


**非成大學生報名連結(Register Link):https://docs.google.com/....../1FAIpQLSdZL5Mg....../viewform
If you are not from NCKU, also welcome you to join us online!

更多資訊(More Information):https://www.facebook.com/stmbroadcast/
Course Webex Link (available 1/9 ~1/11): https://reurl.cc/V4yRzN

若有任何問題請洽(Contact Information):
成大醫學科技與社會研究中心 STM Center, National Cheng Kung University
886-6-2353535 ext 6662


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