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健康關懷問卷網址 COVID-19 Survey https://app.pers.ncku.edu.tw/ncov/index.php?auth 

第2次問卷調查(需填兩次,第1次於2/14已經結束,第2次17~ 28日開始填寫




Dear All,

As part of the COVID-19 prevention and control program, we would like to invite all NCKU members including short term exchange or visiting scholar and visiting students to fill out this survey.  This will help us trace back potential infection source earlier and control the spread.

Please enter the survey using the NCKU portal https://app.pers.ncku.edu.tw/ncov/index.php?auth 

For short term visitors, enter using your passport number and leave password blank/empty

You’ll need to fill in the survey two times (First time before Feb 14 and second time before Feb 28)

Wear masks in public areas or when there are many people in the same space.

Effective immediately, if you travelled to Wuhan, Guangdong or Wenzhou in China after Jan 10, 2020, you are required to exercise the residence quarantine for 14 days from the day of arrival to Taiwan. This quarantine also includes travels through the Mini Three Links across the strait and all flights from China, Hong Kong, and Macau (including transfer flights). Do not come to work or class during the quarantine period.   


衛保組關心您的健康! 環安中心衛保組敬上,電話 50430



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