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【Announcement】《One Day in NCKU》Short Video competition (Deadline11/30)

One Day in NCKUShort Video competition

Organizer: Office of International Affairs, College of Medicine

National Cheng Kung University

1. Application deadline: Friday, November 30th, 2020 17:00.          

2. Topic:

a. A video with the theme “One day in the College of Medicine, NCKU”.  It can include courses, leisure activities, student clubs, daily life, research, personal growth…etc.

b. No specific format. It can be serious, casual, creative, funny.

c. English will be the main language with English subtitles.

3. Eligibility

a. NCKU College of Medicine students

b. It can be an independent project or group project (up to 5 students).  Team leader must be a student from the College of Medicine, the rest of the team members can be from different department or college.

c. There are two categories: Undergraduate and Graduate.

4. Timeline


Project submission deadline

Nov 30  17:00

Announcement of finalists

Dec 7 (will be announced on the College of Medicine website and emails will be sent to the finalists)

Announcement of winners

Dec 21 (will be announced on the College of Medicine website and emails will be sent to the finalists)

5. Video specifications

a. The video must be between 5~6 min including the opening/closing credits and project title etc.

b. HD Video resolution, higher than 1280x720dpi.  Suggested resolution is 1920x1080dpi.

c. Any video format that can be uploaded to youtube (avi/mov/mpg…)  

d. Shooting equipment: any equipment such as smart phones, home DVs, professional cameras, etc.

6. Application process

a. Please submit the following documents to the Office of International Affairs, College of Medicine 4F, Ms. Chen (#5004), before November 30: 

 Please upload your video project and 3 still images from your video to your personal cloud space (Google drive, Dropbox).  The 3 images should

     be saved as jpg. and resolution above 300dpi, the file size should be about 1M.

‚ Application form (Attachment 1). MUST fill out the cloud link.

ƒ Each member of the team must sign a Copyright consent form (Attachment 2), if one of the item is missing, then the application will be


b. On Dec 7, the organizing committee will email participants with the finalist announcement link together with the uploaded the finalist video projects

    to collect youtube likes.

c. On Dec 21, the organizing committee will post the name of the winners on the College of Medicine website.  The award will be presented later on.

7. Awards

Each category will have the following prizes

First prize


Second prize


Third prize


Special award


* If projects do not meet the review standard, the committee reserve the right to withhold the awards.

8. Review

The committee will invite judges and provide a ranking based on: video content (55%) and video production editing skills (45%).  Extra 10 points will be given to the finalist video with most likes on the NCKU College of Medicine youtube and 5 points to the second highest.

9. Precaution

a. Submission of the video signifies the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the competition.

b. The College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, reserves the right to publish or display any entry (in whole or part), winning or non-winning, for promotional purposes, with due acknowledgement of the original owner of the video.  Such right to use is royalty-free and no payment is, or shall be due to the participant.

c. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this event and the number of award.

10. Contact

Ms. Ariana Chen #5004



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