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Graduate student study hall User Guides

Graduate student study hall User Guides

September  01, 2021


  • The 3rd floor “Graduate student study hall” in the 3rd floor of the College of Medicine serves the purpose to provide a friendly studying environment for graduate students . It will open to students on September 6, 2021.


  • Master and PhD students of the College of Medicine.

Opening hours

  • Open 24hrs (Early notification will be announce if there is adjustment to the opening hours due to cleaning, mechanical maintenance or other reasons).


  • This is a quiet study area equipped with 65 seats for self-study.  Due to COVID-19, checkerboard seat arrangement will be implemented. 

Access guide

  • Please access the study hall by using your student ID card. You can take any empty seat.
  • Please help create quiet environment.  Do not use objects that might create noise disturbance.  Those who fail to improve after notification, student might be suspended to use the study hall.

Important notice

  • Food, alcohol, drugs and pets are not allowed inside.
  • Please keep your voice down.
  • Please help keep the area organized and clean.
  • Activity posters and fliers are not allowed in this area.
  • Respect other people’s user rights, please do not occupy seats.
  • When finished, please remember to take your own personal objects and trash from the area.
  • By leaving the seat for more than 30 min, it will be regarded as empty seat. Manager can remove the object without any safekeeping responsibility.  
  • Please safely secure your own personal belongings, books and equipment. The study hall will not bear any responsibility for any loss.  Occasionally we will clean the area.
  • In order to maintain all user’s rights, we shall check NCKU ID card randomly. For those without ID card, holding another student’s ID card, forged ID card, manager will ask to leave and shall be penalized.
  • Please wear face masks at all time.
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