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International Medical Training Course in Tsukuba 2022

We are very lucky to be able to nominate 3 NCKU undergrad student to participate in this online program.

In this program, Tsukuba faculty members will prepare a short video and provide learning materials on experimental techniques or technical workshops performed in their laboratories. Undergraduate students from our partner Universities and our Medical Science undergraduate students will work together in small groups. They will present their accomplishments on the program's final day. We will also have online social and cultural events and special seminars presented by our faculty. This two-week intensive course allows our students to share scientific ideas and learn with distinguished researchers. To stimulate the learning experience, we have limited the number of participants from each University. 

The participating student must be an undergraduate (2nd or 3rd-year student) majoring in life science or related fields, with a GPA of above 3.2 (on a 4.0 scale). We are particularly interested in students pursuing post-graduate studies in biomedical sciences at our University. 
 Please fill out the form before February 8   if you are interested https://forms.gle/VA3nxVbCE7Uh6Wgn6.  We will briefly  interview you  if necessary.  



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