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Tainan & NCKU

The city of Tainan, located in southwestern Taiwan, offers the best of both worlds as a heart of cultural history and a “City of the Future.” Proudly displaying nearly 400 years of history and art, Tainan continues to hold folk festivals embracing the treasured, unforgotten traditions of the past. One needs only to taste the local food to experience the legacy of the city’s history and its uniqueness. However, the city also serves as a stage for the development of the latest technology competing with advances in computers and electronics across the globe. While celebrating its richness of culture and history, Tainan strives to emerge on the international stage as an advanced technological center and international exhibition center.

National Cheng Kung University is comprehensive and diverse, consisting of nine colleges: Bioscience and Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Management, Medicine, Planning and Design, Sciences, and Social Sciences. The University has a total of 20,482 students, including undergraduates and postgraduates. Many graduates from NCKU have received professional recognition, and are sought after by a large number of enterprises and industries in Taiwan. Consequently, graduates from NCKU have a bright career prospect.