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School of Dentistry


School of Dentistry, National Cheng Kung University, was founded in 2019. The arrangement of a small class (less than 30 students) allows the sufficient communications between students and teachers. The dental science is the combination of medicine, material science, and art. Accordingly, interdisciplinary learning is our core value for the education of dental school students. NCKU as a comprehensive university, our students can easily assess every campus to take elective courses on different fields. With this advantage, we expect that our student can be cultivated to become either health care providers, scientists, entrepreneur, or leaders in different fields.
As to hardware and software, NCKU College of Medicine provides outstanding and comprehensive teaching facilities. Additionally, Department of Stomatology, NCKUH has been established over 30 years and cultivated a great number of dentists and teachers. The Dentistry Building is expected to be completed in 2020. In the future, it will provide classrooms for basic and clinical Dentistry, the laboratories and teachers' offices.
In School of Dentistry, students should take the courses of common knowledge and basic sciences, fundamental medicine, fundamental dentistry, and clinical dentistry. For the education in Dentistry, NCKU School of Dentistry focus on Humanities and Interdisciplinary Learning. For the clinical dentistry part, we plans to invite the excellent teaching staffs in NCKUH and elites in different fields to give lecture to Dentistry students, in order to broaden their horizons and benefit their future career. There is also the research-oriented coursed, in which Institute of Oral Medicine is cooperated with other departments in NCKU to create a cross-field teaching environment.

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